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My name is Benjamin De Lorenzo Gardinal. I can still remember when I was young and started to take an interest in computer science with my first computer, an MS-DOS or Windows 3.11, and put the Lego aside. My first steps on the Internet at 56 kbit/s, Lemmings, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider and MS-DOS understanding and customising. My mum was surprised when I looked through the MS-DOS manual because I never read novels. Well, manuals have always interested me more than fictional stories. That's how my journey began.


I worked as a website developer for three and a half years and helped customers with the company's in-house invoicing software. In my previous work, I was already the contact person for customers, took care of organisational matters and implemented what was required. In the end, I decided to start my own business, as I had already gained a lot of experience about the processes of a company through my work. From the offer to the invoice, everything was there. I started my own business in March 2018 and have been creating websites and training in various other areas such as marketing, SEO, security, optimisation, servers and much more ever since.

In addition to my IT training, I have also successfully completed a gardening apprenticeship as a balance to everyday office life.


I support small and medium sized companies with their business card on the World Wide Web in order to attract and convince the right customers. Because I want more great offers to be found online and for smaller businesses to continue to exist in our society. That's why I hope that local businesses with their products directly from the neighbourhood will be supported and appreciated.


In the future I would like to offer more of my own products/projects. I still have some interesting projects planned, so let me surprise you, my journey is far from over.


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