Flour types

Grain type US Type UK Type DE Type FR Type IT Type Intended use
Wheat Pastry flour Soft flour 405 45 00 Biscuits, Cookies, Cakes, Burger Buns, Soups and Sauces Thickening
Wheat All-purpose flour Plain flour 550 55 0 Buns, baguettes, yeast pastries, pasta and dumpling doughs, waffle doughs
Wheat Bread flour or "high gluten flour" Strong or hard 812 80 1 Light mixed breads
Wheat First clear flour Very strong or hard 1050 110 2 Darker rolls and breads
Wheat White whole wheat Wholemeal 1600 150 Farina integrale di grano tenero Dark mixed breads
Durum wheat (durum wheat flour)     1600      
Wheat bran (without germ)     1700      
Spelt     630     Similar to DE Type 405
Spelt     812     Similar to DE Type 550
Spelt     1050     Dark mixed breads
Rye     815     Light rye breads
Rye     997     Mixed breads
Rye     1150     Mixed breads, sourdough
Rye     1370     Rye and mixed rye breads
Rye     1740     Rye and mixed rye breads
Rye bran (without germ)     1800