36 healthy recipes for beginners - Getting started for a successful cooking career

36 healthy recipes for beginners - Getting started for a successful cooking career 1


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Short description

  • 36 healthy delicious recipes
  • From baking bread to desserts, it's all here.
  • Step by step, learn new methods.
  • Become a successful cook on your own.


This cookbook offers you 36 healthy delicious recipes that will introduce you to the art of cooking as you get started. These are a wide variety of dishes that will teach you new things step by step. Starting with baking bread, you move on to starters, then to the various main dishes with or without meat and fish, and finally to desserts.

The aim of the book is for you to learn different methods and then independently try out new creations with the knowledge you have acquired.

Never forget that things can always go wrong. You learn by making mistakes and new recipes emerge. I speak from experience. So never give up.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy my recipes.
Enjoy your meal.


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