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Category: Dessert



0.50 ℓMilk
200.00 gWheat flour
5.00 Egg


Preparation time: 30 min

  • First add a pinch of salt to the milk.
  • Add wheat flour until the flour-milk mixture becomes creamy, stirring in with a whisk.
  • Beat the eggs into the mixture and then fold in the eggs.
    Fold in very slowly and do not stir too hard, the protein must retain its original consistency.
  • The dough is now ready.
  • Now heat margarine in a pan, then pour a quarter of the batter into the pan.
  • Fry the dough until it is golden brown on one side. Then quarter it, turn it over and continue to roast on the side that is not golden brown.
  • Then wait until the other side is golden brown. Then tear it apart.
  • At the end, put the Kaiserschmarrn on a plate and sprinkle enough icing sugar (you can also use sugar).
  • Applesauce is recommended. Finished.

For info

  • Alternatively, you can add raisins or grapes soaked in alcohol / rum to the batter in the pan.

Author: De Lorenzo Gardinal Benjamin

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