Vegan nut nougat cream

Vegan nut nougat cream 1
Vegan nut nougat cream 2

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Category: Side dish



250.00  g Hazelnuts
95.00  g Walnut oil
20.00  g Cocoa
5.00  g Vanilla
45.00  g Sugar


Preparation time: 30 min

Vegan nut nougat cream with little sugar and little fat

  • Fry the hazelnuts in a pan on a medium setting for about 15 minutes, stirring again and again so that the nuts do not turn black.
  • Then remove the shells as much as possible. If the whole shell doesn't come loose, that's not a bad thing.
  • Put the nuts and walnut oil in the blender and mix. Add the oil gradually.
  • Then add the sugar, a pinch of salt and the cocoa and mix again.
  • Then add the vanilla and mix again.
  • If the consistency is too fluid, add a few more nuts.
  • At the end, pour the nut nougat cream into a glass.


  • Put the nuts in hot water and then peel them.
  • You can also add 100 grams of whole milk chocolate.
  • The longer you mix, the creamier the vegan nut nougat cream and the more oils are released. After mixing, the nuts should be almost liquid.


  • Keeps for a fortnight in the fridge.

Author: De Lorenzo Gardinal Benjamin

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